Geoff Schenkel
Geoff working on the Wakefield Mural in Marietta OH

Artist - Geoff Schenkel

Beginning in 1993, with my experience in the creation of a community mural completed in collaboration with San Francisco's homeless population, I have tried to make my way in life, as a painter. Working with homeless men was challenging and set a tone of resourcefulness that carries on in my work today.

I live and work in the relatively small market of Marietta so I cannot afford to limit my work geographically. In addition to the San Francisco mural, I have completed 16 murals over the past 6 years in locations around Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

My work is not limited to mural painting and this has given me the opportunity to draw political cartoons for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers in Cleveland, paint backdrops for exhibits in the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, and to work with children and adult wood carvers on the design and creation of a 42', 4 ton totem pole.

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